4 Ways to Make New Year’s Resolutions Work

keeping your new year resolutionsOne-third of the American population will make their New Year’s resolutions come January 01st, 2016. That’s a whopping 100 Million American citizens! These resolutions span from whether to start or end relationships, eating healthier foods and weight loss.

30% of all resolutions made are abandoned by the end of January or beginning of February.

Let’s get one things straight. Setting New Year’s goals/resolutions is exciting. What better to take stock of your abilities and hidden potential than New Year’s day?

We get to almost see ourselves rocking that pair of jeans that didn’t fit last year. Being able to pass on a large serving of pizza when out with your friends seems to become second nature to us at this point in time.
Setting resolutions is the easy part. Sticking to them is not. Believe me, I know 🙂

What do we have to do to just make our resolutions work? Where’s the on switch on this alien technology called New Year’s Resolutions!

Do not worry. I have heard our cries for help and I am here to help you find that ‘ON’ switch.

1. Do Not Go it Alone

Whether your resolution is to start eating healthy, hitting the gym 3 times a week or just writing a paragraph every day for your potentially Best Selling Autobiography, find a resolution buddy! This will greatly increase your commitment levels as you know that you are not struggling through it alone.

2. Easily Giving Up

I know, some situations can cause us to be discouraged easily or we just get bored. Life is not easy. No one said it would be easy. We are the ones who will make our own lives easy.

How do we do that?

Take the first step. Show up at the gym on a Monday morning or evening and just start the workout. Buy some oats and have them for breakfast in the morning the very next day. Do something. Be persistent no matter what is happening around you.

3. Lack of Planning

More often than not, resolutions are made after making a few scribbles on that table napkin at the end of year party, whether company sponsored or with friends and family.

You cannot expect yourself to succeed without a plan. A plan will let you know whether you are on the right path or not. It will be a gauge of whether or not your resolutions will succeed.

4. Believe in Yourself

You are the one who will have to eat more greens with every meal. You are the one who will have to enroll into a part time course to gain the necessary skills for a promotion. You alone are the one who will be able to run a mile every morning without fail.

You have the potential to do so much. Doubting yourself is going to limit you. You are the major obstacle to your achieving your resolutions. Believe in yourself!
You’re stronger than you think you. Just try yourself.


Resolutions have the potential of greatly improving our lives. Implement the above recommendations and see the difference that you can make in your own life!