How To Increase Your Breast Size

increase breast cup sizeSome women due to their own personal preferences would like to change the shape and / or size of their breasts. This practice is common especially among middle aged women who feel that they have lost their youthfulness after giving birth and want to look great again. The enhancement process involves several techniques put together rather than just one practice.

You should seek advice before you embark on any breast enhancement practice. Do not take advice from your friends as the final word on your health, never. This is because our bodies are not wired the same way and what works for someone else might therefore not work for you. Always consult your doctor.

Some of the most common breast enhancement practices available for you include but are not limited to the following:

Pills – there are many breast enhancement pills available for sale in the drug stores or online. Before you proceed to buy any pills always make sure that you know they are safe for you. If not have your doctors prescribe them for you.

Most pills work by making your breasts react as if you were experiencing puberty all over again. This happens when they cause the endocrine system – the system responsible for release of hormones, to release hormones that make your breasts grow.

This hormone is estrogen. It is the hormone responsible for the feminine features and the changes that you experienced during puberty. The best breast enhancement pills are herbal pills and supplements.

This is because they contain ingredients that are able to stimulate release of estrogen, they are affordable and do not have side effects. Some of the ingredients to look out for in the pills include fenugreek, fennel, water cress, red clover, vitamin E, Dong Qual among many others. Read the ingredients and consult your doctor if you find any that you have heard has side effects. This could help you get the right drug.

Creams and lotions – they work by being applied on the breasts. The creams and lotions also contain the ingredients in the pills in forms that you can now apply on the breasts instead of swallowing them.

The effects of breast enhancement cream are minimal compared to the pills. It is therefore advisable to use creams and lotions in conjunction with pills and exercises. They work in the same way as pills by inducing hormones or stimulating secretion of the hormones required for breast enlargement.

breast surgical optionsSurgerysurgery should always be the last resort. Only consider it if natural practices and pills have failed completely. Do not jump to surgery also because it is expensive, exposes you to many risks and may not be irreversible. Some drugs will wear off the effects when you quit taking them.

There are permanent and temporary surgery procedures that can be carried out to enhance your breasts. If you have to do any please talk to your cosmetic surgeon and have the risks that you face clearly explained to you so you can make an informed decision.

Those are some of the commonly available breast enhancement methods that you may consider. All these should be done together with exercises to ensure that you see the results soon. Be patient with pills as some may take long to get results.

The Yacon Syrup Craze

the yacon root syrupYacon syrup is one of the most sought out after supplement in the issue of weight loss and digestive metabolism issues. Since it was introduced into the market by a certain famous doctor in one of his television talk shows it has gone viral suddenly.

Very many people are suffering in the modern world due to the issue of weight because of the kind of diet that we take every day. Most of the food stuffs we have are fatty and we do not take enough time to prepare our food well.

We are always in a rush and most of the time we do not even have enough time to cook so we opt for the option of the fast foods which are mostly fatty and contain very many chemicals. This is the reason as to why many people are overweight today and this brings about other complications in the body like obesity and diabetes.

Another factor also that needs to be considered when discussing about this topic is the fact that the TV and today’s entertainment scene has sold to us the perfect image of an individual. It has sold to us that the perfect body shape is that of a model down the aisle or a lean gentleman with some perfect muscles and a six pack.

So everyone wants to look good and have that killer body that will have everyone staring their way when they pass by. So, if you are heavy weight, then you are at a disadvantage in the society and you will always feel bad once you are in the presence of the good-looking guys. That is why when this world-famous doctor introduced the yacon syrup everyone jumped in to try and get their weight right.

Yacon Molasses syrup is very effective in reducing weight and improving on metabolism. Some specialists suggest that it is best to take yacon syrup an hour or two before taking a meal but others argue that it is best consumed with a meal.

Whichever the case, this syrup has been known to reduce weight within a matter of weeks and improve on the digestive system. It is suggested that if you consume around 0.14 grams of the syrup per day that this is enough to assist in the digestive system and weight loss.

There is a study that showed that a person can lose about 33 pounds in a matter of four months which is equivalent to losing 2 pounds per week which is not bad for anyone who is trying to lose weight as fast as possible.

Yacon is found in a plant that is grown in South America and contains a substance that is known as FOS which in scientific terms stands for fructooligosaccharide. This is the active ingredient and is mostly found in the root of the plant though the leaves have a considerable amount of FOS.

The leaves contain other toxic substances therefore it is difficult to extract FOS individually from the leaves. That is why the roots are mostly used because they contain a higher concentration and it is easier to extract.

Yacon can be used in different forms depending on an individual taste and it comes in the form of a pill, or a powder, or can be roasted as potato chips. Other people also prefer to consume it as raw as it is by cooking the roots and adding it to the menu.

Yacon has also been discovered in other vegetables and fruits like bananas, garlic and asparagus but in low quantities.

Which Is The Best Fat Burner Pill?

boost metabolismYou could be on a quest to burn fat and are looking to get the best fat burner pill that will give you the best results in the shortest time possible. In your quest you could have come across very many fat burners claiming to give you just what you need. But do they? What really is the best fat burner for you? These are very pertinent questions that could be lingering in your mind right now.

Losing weight is a very hard task when not done in the right way. Sometimes people end up gaining more weight when they are on a journey to lose or they lose a little then gain even more. May be this is why you are considering getting some fat burners to help you in this quest.

If fat burners are all that you are looking at to lose weight as they say in the advertisements then sorry to disappoint you but it will not work. Fat burners help to raise the metabolism in your body.

High metabolism means that you are more active and therefore use more energy. So what happens when you use a lot of energy? You get hungry. When your body is more active you tend to eat more or get hungry more.

If you do not eat the right kinds of food at this time you could end up gaining more weight. Because as the fat burners cause you to eat more, you eat more junk. It is therefore important that you do not only consider fat burners as the only way to lose weight.

Some fat burners will work by suppressing your appetite. When the appetite is suppressed you will eat little or sometimes nothing at all. But how long can you really stay without food? You cannot stay long without getting food because it is not only energy giving foods that you eat but also proteins and vitamins.

curb appetite

Not all these foods cause you to get fat. This means that even with fat burners you will still eat, only that now you will eat little food. Even if you eat little food that is still junk and carbohydrates you will continue to gain weight. The best thing to do is to eat healthy. Change your diet completely and get a healthy eating plan. Eat more fruits and vegetables every day. Also drink a lot of water.

How much fat or calories can you lose in a day seated in the house doing nothing even if you have used fat burners? Well, the advert might give you crazy numbers on how much you can lose but is it really true?

Seating around doing nothing will make you fat regardless of how many fat burners you take in a day. It is therefore important to stay active. Take the stairs to work or home, walk or jog, go to the gym if you can…whatever you do, be active. Then you can take a fat burner pill.

In conclusion, the best fat burner is the one that can properly complement what you are already doing to lose weight.

Change your lifestyle, be active and eat the right kinds of food in the right way. Do not seat and wait to burn fat just because you have taken a pill. Work harder at it and see the results.

What You Need To Know About Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones as the name suggests are chemical compounds or substances (the ketones), that are contained in raspberries. Ketones are substances that are also contained and useful in the human body that is why raspberries ketones have become very popular. This is even more so after they were mentioned in Dr. Oz show, a popular TV program.

Celebrities can really affect our lives today in the way we dress, feed, exercise, the products we use (perfumes, deodorants and the like) and in so many other ways. The raspberries craze is one good example of how a celebrity affected the lives of many and the world of science. Since their mention on TV and up to now, let us look at some of the known facts of raspberry ketones.

Eating raspberries does not give you a significant amount of ketones in the body. It has been proved that raspberries contain ketones but very tiny amounts. This means that even eating raspberries until you are full does not provide your body with enough ketones to make you burn fat.

Do not be cheated that if you eat raspberries you will melt fat off your body. That is a red lie. To get any significant amount of raspberry ketones you will need to take supplements. Supplements have high concentrations of ketones extracted from the raspberries and made into pills that you can easily consume. You can however boost this with eating raspberries.

Raspberry ketones help to break fat. This has been proven in a laboratory. The experiment was conducted on lab rats. Those rats that were fed with raspberries ketones were seen to have less fat on them as compared to the others that did not.

In another experiment the ketones well placed in direct contact with fat cells and they were able to help break down the fat cells. This is proof enough that raspberry ketones help to break fat cells. Is it proof enough that it can work on humans? No. working on the lab rats is not enough proof for the raspberry ketones to be declared officially that they can help you lose weight.

The tests have to be conducted on humans for that claim to be true. It will take years for the study to be conducted and the results given to the public. This is just how science works. In the meantime it is known that taking raspberry ketones will not affect you and that raspberry ketones help break down body fat.

Raspberry ketones are not enough to help you burn fat. Just like any other fat burners, raspberry ketones cannot work alone to help you burn fat and lose weight. If you take the supplements and wait to see change, you might just wait forever.

There must be a change in your lifestyle also for these supplements to work. Raspberry ketones on themselves cannot transform your body to that desired Beyoncé or Jay-z’s body. You have to work at it just like many other people are doing.

There are no known side effects associated with taking raspberry ketones or green coffee pills for that matter. They are 100% natural and are good for your body. If you do not want to burn fat you can also take them for the other benefits that they have on your body.


4 Ways to Make New Year’s Resolutions Work

keeping your new year resolutionsOne-third of the American population will make their New Year’s resolutions come January 01st, 2016. That’s a whopping 100 Million American citizens! These resolutions span from whether to start or end relationships, eating healthier foods and weight loss.

30% of all resolutions made are abandoned by the end of January or beginning of February.

Let’s get one things straight. Setting New Year’s goals/resolutions is exciting. What better to take stock of your abilities and hidden potential than New Year’s day?

We get to almost see ourselves rocking that pair of jeans that didn’t fit last year. Being able to pass on a large serving of pizza when out with your friends seems to become second nature to us at this point in time.
Setting resolutions is the easy part. Sticking to them is not. Believe me, I know 🙂

What do we have to do to just make our resolutions work? Where’s the on switch on this alien technology called New Year’s Resolutions!

Do not worry. I have heard our cries for help and I am here to help you find that ‘ON’ switch.

1. Do Not Go it Alone

Whether your resolution is to start eating healthy, hitting the gym 3 times a week or just writing a paragraph every day for your potentially Best Selling Autobiography, find a resolution buddy! This will greatly increase your commitment levels as you know that you are not struggling through it alone.

2. Easily Giving Up

I know, some situations can cause us to be discouraged easily or we just get bored. Life is not easy. No one said it would be easy. We are the ones who will make our own lives easy.

How do we do that?

Take the first step. Show up at the gym on a Monday morning or evening and just start the workout. Buy some oats and have them for breakfast in the morning the very next day. Do something. Be persistent no matter what is happening around you.

3. Lack of Planning

More often than not, resolutions are made after making a few scribbles on that table napkin at the end of year party, whether company sponsored or with friends and family.

You cannot expect yourself to succeed without a plan. A plan will let you know whether you are on the right path or not. It will be a gauge of whether or not your resolutions will succeed.

4. Believe in Yourself

You are the one who will have to eat more greens with every meal. You are the one who will have to enroll into a part time course to gain the necessary skills for a promotion. You alone are the one who will be able to run a mile every morning without fail.

You have the potential to do so much. Doubting yourself is going to limit you. You are the major obstacle to your achieving your resolutions. Believe in yourself!
You’re stronger than you think you. Just try yourself.


Resolutions have the potential of greatly improving our lives. Implement the above recommendations and see the difference that you can make in your own life!