increase breast cup sizeSome women due to their own personal preferences would like to change the shape and / or size of their breasts. This practice is common especially among middle aged women who feel that they have lost their youthfulness after giving birth and want to look great again. The enhancement process involves several techniques put together rather than just one practice.

You should seek advice before you embark on any breast enhancement practice. Do not take advice from your friends as the final word on your health, never. This is because our bodies are not wired the same way and what works for someone else might therefore not work for you. Always consult your doctor.

Some of the most common breast enhancement practices available for you include but are not limited to the following:

Pills – there are many breast enhancement pills available for sale in the drug stores or online. Before you proceed to buy any pills always make sure that you know they are safe for you. If not have your doctors prescribe them for you.

Most pills work by making your breasts react as if you were experiencing puberty all over again. This happens when they cause the endocrine system – the system responsible for release of hormones, to release hormones that make your breasts grow.

This hormone is estrogen. It is the hormone responsible for the feminine features and the changes that you experienced during puberty. The best breast enhancement pills are herbal pills and supplements.

This is because they contain ingredients that are able to stimulate release of estrogen, they are affordable and do not have side effects. Some of the ingredients to look out for in the pills include fenugreek, fennel, water cress, red clover, vitamin E, Dong Qual among many others. Read the ingredients and consult your doctor if you find any that you have heard has side effects. This could help you get the right drug.

Creams and lotions – they work by being applied on the breasts. The creams and lotions also contain the ingredients in the pills in forms that you can now apply on the breasts instead of swallowing them.

The effects of breast enhancement cream are minimal compared to the pills. It is therefore advisable to use creams and lotions in conjunction with pills and exercises. They work in the same way as pills by inducing hormones or stimulating secretion of the hormones required for breast enlargement.

breast surgical optionsSurgerysurgery should always be the last resort. Only consider it if natural practices and pills have failed completely. Do not jump to surgery also because it is expensive, exposes you to many risks and may not be irreversible. Some drugs will wear off the effects when you quit taking them.

There are permanent and temporary surgery procedures that can be carried out to enhance your breasts. If you have to do any please talk to your cosmetic surgeon and have the risks that you face clearly explained to you so you can make an informed decision.

Those are some of the commonly available breast enhancement methods that you may consider. All these should be done together with exercises to ensure that you see the results soon. Be patient with pills as some may take long to get results.