Raspberry ketones as the name suggests are chemical compounds or substances (the ketones), that are contained in raspberries. Ketones are substances that are also contained and useful in the human body that is why raspberries ketones have become very popular. This is even more so after they were mentioned in Dr. Oz show, a popular TV program.

Celebrities can really affect our lives today in the way we dress, feed, exercise, the products we use (perfumes, deodorants and the like) and in so many other ways. The raspberries craze is one good example of how a celebrity affected the lives of many and the world of science. Since their mention on TV and up to now, let us look at some of the known facts of raspberry ketones.

Eating raspberries does not give you a significant amount of ketones in the body. It has been proved that raspberries contain ketones but very tiny amounts. This means that even eating raspberries until you are full does not provide your body with enough ketones to make you burn fat.

Do not be cheated that if you eat raspberries you will melt fat off your body. That is a red lie. To get any significant amount of raspberry ketones you will need to take supplements. Supplements have high concentrations of ketones extracted from the raspberries and made into pills that you can easily consume. You can however boost this with eating raspberries.

Raspberry ketones help to break fat. This has been proven in a laboratory. The experiment was conducted on lab rats. Those rats that were fed with raspberries ketones were seen to have less fat on them as compared to the others that did not.

In another experiment the ketones well placed in direct contact with fat cells and they were able to help break down the fat cells. This is proof enough that raspberry ketones help to break fat cells. Is it proof enough that it can work on humans? No. working on the lab rats is not enough proof for the raspberry ketones to be declared officially that they can help you lose weight.

The tests have to be conducted on humans for that claim to be true. It will take years for the study to be conducted and the results given to the public. This is just how science works. In the meantime it is known that taking raspberry ketones will not affect you and that raspberry ketones help break down body fat.

Raspberry ketones are not enough to help you burn fat. Just like any other fat burners, raspberry ketones cannot work alone to help you burn fat and lose weight. If you take the supplements and wait to see change, you might just wait forever.

There must be a change in your lifestyle also for these supplements to work. Raspberry ketones on themselves cannot transform your body to that desired Beyoncé or Jay-z’s body. You have to work at it just like many other people are doing.

There are no known side effects associated with taking raspberry ketones or green coffee pills for that matter. They are 100% natural and are good for your body. If you do not want to burn fat you can also take them for the other benefits that they have on your body.